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Romy Kraushaar-Hébert has been devoted to music and acting since she was a child; first
at Face High School, then Paul Gérin-Lajoie High School. She obtained her DEC
(College Diploma) in Arts, Letters & Communications, Theater profile from Brébeuf
College and is currently pursuing a University degree in Communications. Romy's
academic background has provided her with an excellent technical background over the
years, but her artistic instincts have mostly been shaped by her personal experiences. Her
flair for subtlety and nuance was developed, among others, during a long stay in France,
as well as during trips to Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Her aptitude for acting is
thus forged by a vast theoretical knowledge, but also through a sharp sense of observation
and an openness to diversity.

Active in the dubbing industry for many years, Romy completed her dubbing training at
the Montreal Conservatory several years ago. Her alto voice, although feminine, allowed
her to give life to a large spectrum of male and female characters in dubbing and voice
over with a velvety tone that is perfectly transposed into narration.
roles obtained
  • Noahs Ark (nom de code) / The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle

    / Queen Victoria - Jessie Buckley / Gilbert Lachance / Difuze / 2019
  • Hustlers

    / Mercedes - Keke Palmer / Johanne Garneau / Cinélume / 2019
  • The Shallows

    / Chloé / Difuze Sainte-Catherine (Technico) / 2016
  • Alice Through the Looking Glass

    / Alice / Difuze Sainte-Catherine (Technico) / 2010