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Born in New York to Québécois parents, Katherine grew up in New York and spent several years in Africa. This exposure to various cultures helped her develop a great sensitivity to speech, language, accents and tone. Her many years studying music theory, singing, the clarinet, and the guitar also helped train her hypersensitive ear.

After obtaining a sociology B.A. at McGill University and studying mental health intervention practices at the Université de Montréal, she dedicated herself to her first career as a crisis care worker. Her heart grew heavy though, by the amount of suffering around her. Through her work, she realized that one of her favourite tasks was writing case reports, which were essentially non-fiction stories. She decided to follow that path and turned towards writing. Her understanding of the human psyche gave her the gift of nuancing her characters. So much so, that she naturally made her way into the documentary world and found her true calling in on cam storytelling.

Since 2006, Katherine’s been working as a script translator and voice talent director. She directs talent on versioning, dubbing, and original narration projects. She also teaches versioning techniques to emerging actors, is a post-production director on several series, and voices projects herself.
roles obtained
  • Theratechnologie

    / VHC ang. Egrifta / DBCOM Média inc. / 2019
  • Theratechnologie

    / VHC ang. Trogarzo / DBCOM Média inc. / 2018
  • Ville de Montréal

    / Narration / Ville de Montréal / 2018
  • Rio Tinto Alcan

    / Narration corporative / DBCOM Média inc. / 2018
Stage director
  • Seatbelt Psychic

    / Direction de plateau / DBCOM Média inc. / 2018
  • The Shocking Truth

    / Direction de plateau / DBCOM Média inc. / 2018
  • Naked and Afraid

    / Direction de plateau / DBCOM Média inc. / 2018
  • Chacun son île

    / Direction de plateau / DBCOM Média inc. / 2018
  • The Island Diaries

    / Direction de plateau / DBCOM Média inc. / 2018
Related skills
  • Voice type

    / soprano
  • Music

    / Guitare et clarinette